Letter of support from Patrick Kidd (CEO Invictus Games)

In a military career that spanned almost 30 years in the British and Australian Armies I was never prouder than when serving in the 4th Royal Tank Regiment. Hence I was delighted to be asked by Roger Fisher (Director of Blue Flash Group) to write a few words to show our support ‘down under’ for the Hadrian’s Wall Challenge 2018 event. It’s great to see our team doing such good work.
I have been working as the CEO of the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 for a couple of years and the qualities shown by the Blue Flash Group are very similar to those displayed by the wounded, injured and ill service men and women from so many different nations and their families who battle every day to turn adversity into opportunity. We should all be proud to be a part of a military family which shares a common bond and where our people are characterised by an unconquered spirit and a desire to make a difference and serve others. This is worth celebrating. You can suport this cause by participating or donating on the web site at blue-flash.co.uk.

Patrick Kidd (CEO Invictus Games)

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  1. Probably the most powerful message is being sent here. These superb people demonstrate all that is great about friendship and collaboration. Resulting in the best that can be offered. Get involved through Blue Flash Beyond Horizons.

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