Crickhowell RFC

Crickhowell Rugby Club is a club with a great history and great people. The first recorded game of rugby in Crickhowell took place on Boxing Day in 1881. Since then, rugby has contunued to flourish and in 1985 we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase our current ground with the assistance from local businesses and grant aid.

A stalwart of the club for many years was Bob Broyd, a local farmer, who became out second life president following the passing of Roy Williams. In 2003, in honour of his 80th birthday, our ground was renamed Parc Broyd.

The clubs name and the community lies behind a team and a town made of grit and born to win attitude. The men and women who give up their time to build and promote, oversee and ensure that the team turns out well are trully immense. The Crickhowell facility is in need of repair and deseves a community stand/building. The team and its staff have given a warm welcome to Blue Flash Group UK. Working together, we will make inroads into delivering some of the needs of the club and the community. The community of Crickhowell alongside those of the community have shown willingness to collaborate for this event in July, thus bringing the town, club, community and business together.

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